Women'S Right To Vote In The Us

women's right to vote in the us

But take the partisanship out of it.ID from enough voters to swing an election.We filmed in maybe six or seven states.And no one found any fraud.

Anyway, you know, I could go on about barriers on formerly incarcerated citizens.And we took a look at these numbers exactly right.And I think he was 99.And any book by me would add nothing to this.In Indiana under Governor Mike Pence at about the same time.

women's right to vote in the us

And, obviously, many of those votes were, so to speak, wasted.And so the poll workers made a mistake and confused 40 year old with 99 year old.Improperly, because she received no notice of the purge, was still alive and living in the county.Manuel Rodriguez, can I vote?Kansas was, I think, three.And again, there are many, many ways to do this, but the predominant one is to purge people who have not voted in two federal election cycles.Each of these techniques is presented as a benign administrative element.

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And before too long, I realized that there was a pattern here.These purges are done on the basis that the person has either died or moved away.Registration drives are most effective in recruiting future voters who are young and poorer.Still, southern and eastern states resisted.Now, what could that possibly mean?Democratic or leaning Democratic.And all the documents are checked out before the vote is counted.

women's right to vote in the us

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Make it hard for people to register to vote.American to me and, I think, to most people.And this is a thing.And then if the vote counts, make it not matter through gerrymandering.It brought millions of Americans into our democracy.Kansas Secretary of State.Karen Wilson McCoy, who was presented in the film was improperly purged from the voting rolls.

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In Texas, the legislature had a list of IDs and who holds them.And when asked about this, he described it as a prudent cost saving measure.And in a recent, very interesting course of events in Ohio, Secretary of State had a list of 240, 000 names to be cut.And of that we took about 2000 and a young person on our team in an afternoon of very rudimentary internet screening came up with a probably alive and living in the county list of over 300.There is a signature match requirement, and so notarization and witnesses in a time of COVID: Not a good idea.

And by the way, this is not a new issue in election administration.And government employee IDs, University of Texas IDs, differentially held by people of color in Texas, which is a majority minority state.And to get it requires time and money sometimes travel, frequently notarisation expense.One of them was born in a military hospital and the base was closed and the records were lost, right?If you are on the Board of Elections, your job is to help eligible citizens vote not to profigately, negligently cut them from the voter rolls.We filmed in Georgia, but left most of that on the cutting room floor.August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified.

And preventing a number of Americans from voting.So what do you do?And a big investigation is announced.So Kansas passed a law requiring documentary proof of citizenship.Shelby County versus Holder would have required Department of Justice approval.

And as you look at this list, you realize that it can be very well organized into five buckets spanning the process of voting from registration on the early end, to vote counting on the late end, and what are the five buckets?And the 31, 000 was like 12.Reduce the number of machines.And the way that traditionally one gave the answer was by presenting an ID including government issued photo IDs, but government issue non photo IDs, like a VA card or a social security card, or presenting a bank statement or a utility bill or all three.But the point is to inhibit registration drives and to deprive thousands of people have their registration.

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Out of many voices, one direction.And so we sent camera crews there.This is new laws in Texas, Ohio.And there were camera crews from many other outlets there.But those ballots are thrown away in many states.Wisconsin indeed, where some of my relatives are from a generation or two back, used to be known as the seat of good government in the United States and very thoughtfully protecting the right of every citizen to vote.

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But the number of eligible American citizens who were disenfranchised, kept from voting, was 30, 000.You, the Secretary of State, alleged that there are mistakes in, you know, 10 of 10, 000 applications.Number one, make it difficult to register to vote.Try not to count the vote.Spencer, in the course of making the film, I began to jot down techniques of voter suppression that we came to find.Voting Rights Act, was the premise that the era of racial discrimination in voting in the United States was over.

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And so under each of these, there are a series of other practices that have been developed and honed and tested through litigation and are quite effective.And the second is constraints on registration canvassing drives.Have you read this opinion?Number three, if you fail to purge the names make it difficult for people to vote.The American Issues Initiative produced the movie Rigged: The voter suppression playbook, Wikidata Q98114627, which provides more documentation behind the discussion here.This is:Reduce the number of polling locations.

So no out of towners allowed and nobody can canvass in two counties.And the and the technique there is gerrymandering.Do not burden that application with a requirement that it be notarized or witnessed.The man who is now our president alleged that there would be fraud in certain parts of Philadelphia.Make it postage prepaid.And I began to jot them down.But it might also be a naturalization document.

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And, again, I concluded that there was nothing that I could ever write, that would add to these distinguished volumes.And he seems to have been used as an example by the sheriff.Karen had done neither and went to vote and was quite frustrated that she was not allowed to vote.These may be mistakes, but you call them fraud.But of the 6000 names 3500 were on one day that we show in the film.

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But do the math 30, 000 against three.Clean Missouri is an excellent example of this.But just as surely many of them are not.North Carolina, like Georgia, like Ohio, the three I just mentioned.ID laws correlates with income.

One Republican legislator said that Clean Missouri was be devastating to Republicans.Send a vote by mail application to every registered voter.It was renewed as you know, every x years from 1965, most recently in 2006, where it passed the Senate by I think a vote of 98 to nothing.Denver that basically said that Julie Robinson, Judge Robinson was correct on all points.But the Secretary of State calls it fraud and announces a big investigation and impounds as evidence the thousands of registration applications that have been submitted.And that voting is the key.And in the years since 2013, Shelby County versus Holder has opened the door for a torrent of voter suppression legislation in the American South, but not only in the American South.

And the signature match has been a part of that.If someone succeeds in registering, succeeds and staying registered, succeeds in voting and succeeds in having the vote counted, make it not matter.So, in litigation over these laws, findings of the court, frequently uncontested by the designer, the defenders of the laws.We filmed in Philadelphia.And the title of this document, as I have written it up is how to suppress the vote.Tim Smith, my Emmy Award winning colleague, who is a career journalist and documentarian.

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And that works, because everyone prefers information and sources consistent with preconceptions.And so you put together those three things, and there are probably others.In North Carolina: 400, 000.And so I was surprised in 2013, when the Supreme Court in a case called Shelby County versus Holder gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act and even more surprised to read the opinion.Give us the Ballot by Ari Berman, who is a very thoughtful reporter on the topic and a number of others.

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If someone does manage to remain registered to vote, make it difficult for them to vote and this is tried and true.And that number is higher for people who are poor.And takes the extraordinary step of arresting a man for illegal voting.Well, you require significant training for canvassers and then give the training only once a month.Make it hard for people to vote.And when I think about election integrity, I think about making sure that every eligible American citizen has the right to vote.

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The instances of voter impersonation, my impersonation presenting myself as you at the polling places, are almost unknown.Some states had had a program where kids in high school would be offered the opportunity to register to vote at age 16 or 17 in a government class or history or a civics class.So, Spencer, the studies show that if people go through the effort to register and are denied the opportunity, or if they do register and are purged from the rolls, the likelihood they will reregister, continue to pursue the process, is low.And they tend to vote early, frequently on Sunday.The first is requiring documentary proof of citizenship in order to register.Those people are not registered.It took activists and reformers nearly 100 years to win that right, and the campaign was not easy: Disagreements over strategy threatened to cripple the movement more than once.

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So I started to jot down these techniques: Have too few voting machines at the polling place, so the lines are long, have the hours be short, never have hours after work or on weekends when people who work an hourly job would be able to vote require extraordinary forms of identification that are inaccessible to some people.READ MORE: Why the Fight Over the Equal Rights Amendment Has Lasted Nearly a CenturyWinning the Vote at LastStarting in 1910, some states in the West began to extend the vote to women for the first time in almost 20 years.And that I throw up my hands.They were invited there by the reformers Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott.And other states have done this too: No documents, no registration.So fewer Republican votes were wasted.And on November 2 of that year, more than 8 million women across the United States voted in elections for the first time.

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Rights Activists Wanted Much More than SuffrageThe Progressive Campaign for SuffrageThis animosity eventually faded, and in 1890 the two groups merged to form the National American Woman Suffrage Association.Number two, make it difficult to stay registered by purging names from the voting rolls.These books would be among others.Laurie Minnite, who is a professor at Rutgers and writes particularly thoughtfully and thoroughly on these allegations of voter fraud.After Shelby County versus Holder the Secretary of State or the local board of elections or the sheriff can just do what they want.

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And number five, if the vote is cast, and counted, make the vote not matter.She was obviously being sarcastic.But I was very struck by the provision of new laws regulating voting, solving problems that no one thought we had.But North Carolina, to take an example, has ended same day registration.If you want to cut younger voters out of a process, require them to buy a stamp.DMV offices across a section of Alabama called the Black Belt because it is predominantly African American.Make it difficult to stay registered by purging people off the rolls.

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State of Georgia, as you may know, had an exact match requirement for signatures.So you put those two together, and you get what we have, right?Most of the delegates to the Seneca Falls Convention agreed: American women were autonomous individuals who deserved their own political identities.And this is shocking to me.And in North Carolina, the legislature asked which IDs people had.Can I please cast a ballot here?

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So if you want to suppress the vote, you should consider activity in any or all of the following five areas.They invited us to ride with them in the car, film them in the office and out on the street looking for voter fraud.But they, at the end of election day, give us their view that that just their failure to find any fraud just proves how widespread and devious it really is.Those are the five buckets of voter suppression.This happened in Houston, Texas, in 2012.And this is no longer a phenomenon of the historical South.People have been asking that question and getting the answer for decades.

Make it difficult to vote.Rick is a professor at University of California Irvine.And so, just as absentee ballot applications can be rejected for failure of a signature match the ballot once filled out can be rejected because of absence of a signature match, or because it was received too late.And gerrymandering is drawing district district lines, such that your district, via a state legislative district or a national congressional district, is safe for one side or the other.And I was, in fact, always frustrated by how few people in the United States actually voted.Part of making it difficult to vote is vote by mail, very important in this election.

And then you allow the canvasser to operate only in the county in which he or she was trained.You require canvassers to submit registration forms within 48 hours.And Karen McCoy Wilson, presented in the film, is only one of them.And then, to cap it off, you do the following: If some brave registration group manages to register hundreds or even thousands of voters and submits those registration forms to the state board of elections.The voting wars by Rick Hasson.Most civics class have been terminated for reasons we can only wonder about.But in many states, the ballots must be received by election day, which has the voter dependant on the speed of the mail in his or her part of town.

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And there have been successful efforts in the past to do that by both parties.Send those people an absentee ballot.And if you prevent 30, 000 Americans from voting in the state of Kansas, your election lacks integrity.But I began to notice these techniques recurring.Mac, and what got you interested in this topic?

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Strom Thurmond voting in favor of the Voting Rights Act extension is a proud moment as an American, that there was a national consensus that every eligible citizen has the right to vote and that we together would all protect that right to vote.But most of the people writing were academics.Delegate the redistricting process to a nonpartisan commission of some sort.Locate them away from poor neighborhoods.Jane Smith, but you were born as Janie Jones and then you married Bill White and divorced him and then married Joe Jones, to register to vote in Kansas under this law, you would need to provide your birth certificate, your marriage decree from your first name marriage, your divorce decree and then your marriage certificate from your second marriage, all the trace.

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Make it hard for people to stay registered.You allow only county residents to canvass in the county.Michigan through a citizen initiative.So I was outraged by that purge proceeding.They asked how do people vote.So if you feel the national government or your state government is taking a direction different from what most people feel on healthcare, or on gun rights or on taxation policy, or on education, on any number of issues, then think about whether the voting system is properly operating, whether the legislature has been gerrymandered, whether everybody who wants to vote is able to vote in your state?

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His Emmy is for a political documentary.And the state legislature has been suing in Michigan to take it back from the citizen commissions.Black enfranchisement by tying it to the markedly less popular campaign for female suffrage.And so in the film, we are embedded with the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina and spent substantial time with them.As it became tested by time and litigation, it received broader and broader public approval.

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And these are quite material.Because it was originally set forth in a 1903 Jim Crow law designed, per the press of the times, to purge the few remaining African Americans from the voting rolls.And you get under the covers, and this voter ID thing is much more about keeping some people from voting.This is a rush transcript and may not be in its final form.In Wisconsin: 300, 000.Notarization costs a few bucks.

The name happened to be the name of his grandfather, who at the time was in his late 90s.Texas who is absolutely sure that substantial voter fraud is taking place.So I just decided to keep tally.We also filmed in Kansas, which is in the film, mostly Kris kobach.And so she said the law fails.

Is that a poll tax?You prevent canvassers from helping a registrant fill out the form.So, Spencer, those are the five buckets:Make it difficult to register to vote.Voting is the single right preservative of all other rights.And the designers of these laws know that.

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Mississippi, and her folks down there have been what they call poverty lawyers, what others would call civil rights lawyers.Supreme Court opinion in 30 years.And the DA declined to prosecute.Let me give you some examples.Republican candidates across the state.The Fight to Vote by Michael Waldman, head of the Brennan Center in New York.

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That can be absentee ballots signature matches but can also be people voting out of precinct.And the poll worker looking at the list and finding that name said yes.Spencer, I was born and grew up in Dayton, Ohio and went east to college, ultimately went to law school.In Georgia, about the same time.And as we were there, the process to decide to purge these names was minimal.Months later the Secretary of State quietly will mention that the registration investigation has been terminated with no criminal charges filed.

Almost immediately after the war ended, the 14th Amendment and the 15th Amendment to the Constitution raised familiar questions of suffrage and citizenship.And I just started jotting them down.United States, in particular, the Voting Rights Act of 1965.And the perpetrators of these laws know that.So the negation of the Voting Rights Act provision is not the only thing going on here.

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In Texas, the number of people without voter ID law required by the ID laws passed by the legislature, and these people will were all registered voters.There was one proposed in Tennessee.Not everybody can do that.And in light of the minimal process and lack of authenticated notice to the people involved, we decided to see if any of these names were the names of people who were still alive and living in the county.Why was it minimal?But it goes on from that.

Idaho and Utah had given women the right to vote at the end of the 19th century.And of course, the current favorite: Require government issued photo ID to vote, which on first glance seems to be about making sure people are who they say they are.